Service offerings

At Nkgwete IT Solutions, we offer our clients a full suite of managed IT outsource services, segmented into support and tools, and provided by our highly trained staff complement.

Anti-malware protection

Our adaptive anti-malware software program aims to protect IT systems and individual computers from malicious software, or malware.

Malware removal software has many benefits, in particular keeping organisations’ computers secure:

  • Protection from hackers, who use malware to gain access to computers

  • Privacy is protected, against the installation of any software that steals personal information

  • Valuable files are secured, and data is protected should malware or viruses need to be removed from a computer

  • Software stays up to date, as anti-malware software will alert users if a new version or an update is available online

  • Computers are free of junk, as anti-malware alerts users when useless files are taking up memory space